CSS Color

The color property allows you to specify the color of the text inside an element. In CSS you can apply color in one of the three ways:

Color Name: There are more than 140 predefined color names that are recognized by web browsers.  Color is represented by predefined names.

Example black, red, yellow

HEX Codes: There are six-digit codes that represent the amount of green, red and blue in a color, preceded by the pound (#) sign. Hex values represent values for red, green, and blue in hexadecimal code.

 Example #adbb 

RGB Values: These express color in terms of how much red, green, and blue are used to make it up. The value of red, green, and blue are expressed as a number between 0 and 255.

Example rgb(100,200,100) 

<style type="text/css">



        /* Color name*/

        color: red;



        /* RGB values*/

        color: RGB(100, 200, 100);


       h2 {

        /* HEX Code*/

        color: #adbb;




        <p> This Color value  by color name</p>

        <h1>This Color value  by RGB values </h1>

        <h2>This Color value by HEX Code </h2>



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