How Does HTML work?

How Does HTML work?

The computer language has a series of shortcodes that are typed into a text file. These become the tags of the HTML. The text is saved as an HTML file and is viewed using a web browser like Google Chrome. The browser reads the file and then translates the text  into a visible form that renders the page as the programmer intended. When you write HTML codes, you have to use HTML  tags correctly. 

What do HTML tags do?

HTML tags are used to separate normal texts from codes. They are the words found between angle brackets and they allow tables and images among others to tell the browser what needs to be rendered on the page. HTML tags perform a variety of functions. They do not show up when you use a browser to view the page. You only see their effects. The most basic and simplest of tags do not have a lot of functions. They merely apply formatting to texts.

For example, they can make the text bold or italic. If you want to make a text italic, you simply have to place it between and such as the following example:

The output of the above code is

As you can see in the example shown above, the first text is not  while the second one is Italic . The first text is not italic because it is outside of the code that makes texts Italic.

Does one have to be online all the time?

No. You can write codes for your website while you are offline. You can store the files on your computer and then transfer them online later on. Each time you have a new code, you can add it to your existing program online.

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