HTML Editors

HTML Editors

·       Text editors need to learn HTML.

·       Learn HTML Using Notepad or TextEdit

·       Web pages can be created and modified by using HTML editors.

·       If you are interested in learning HTML, we recommend using a simple text editor like Notepad for windows operating systems or TextEdit for Mac operating systems.

Follow the following steps to create your first web page by using Notepad or TextEdit.

Ø  Step 1: Open Notepad (windows operating system)

·       When you use Windows 8 or above operating system:

·       Open the Start Screen (the window symbol at the bottom left of your screen). Type Notepad.

Ø  Step 1: Open TextEdit (Mac operating system)

·       When you use Mac operating system:

·       Open the Finder -> Applications -> TextEdit

·       Also change some preferences to get the application to save files correctly. In Preferences -> Format -> choose "Plain Text"

Then open a new document to place the code.

Ø  Step 2: Write Some HTML Code in the opening place

·       Write or copy the below HTML code into Notepad:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang="en">


    <meta charset="UTF-8">

    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

    <title>My first Website Title </title>




        The first Heading on my Website Title


    <p>The first Paragraph on my Website Title</p>





Ø  Step 3: Save the above HTML code

·       Select the File on the toolbar, click the Save button in the Notepad menu, or simply use ctrl + s on the keyboards.

·       Give the name of the file "index.html" and on the save as type select “All files”


Ø  Step 4: Show the above-saved HTML file in the browser

·       Open the saved HTML file in your interested browser (google chrome, edge, Firefox. Etc.) double-click on the file, or right-click and choose "Open with").

·       The result shown in the browser looks like this:


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