Digital Marketing and Communications Specialist


Company: Target Business Consultants PLC

Experience Level: Senior

Salary: As per Company Scale

Company Background 

The Ministry of Tourism, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, intends to deploy highly qualified experts for its Delivery Unit.

Organization strategic goals summary

The Ministry of Tourism aims to develop the country’s tourist destinations in collaboration with various stakeholders and market and promote the destination at national and international levels through competitive marketing and promotional strategies. The Ministry of Tourism is working to narrow the gap in tourism destination and product development, specifically in carrying out a comprehensive mapping of tourism resources, undertaking product development, designing public-private partnership schemes, developing community engagement mechanisms, and enriching tourist experiences. Facilitates research on conservation and development of natural and cultural heritages for the benefit of tourism and can cope with the dynamics in the travel world and encourage foreign and domestic direct investments in tourism infrastructure 

Job Summary

The Digital Marketing and Communications Specialist is responsible for managing digital marketing schemes, conducting research on digital marketing trends, conducting market research, developing and maintaining the Ministry’s digital platforms, ensuring that a solid online presence on the corporate website and social media channels by posting engaging contents, and develop and implement new software and applications that will aid digital marketing initiatives.

Job Responsibility #1:

  • Planning and Management Devise and manage a multichannel digital marketing scheme and incorporate new digital platforms to support online tourism marketing campaigns.
  • Contribute and train interns to ensure the consistency, stability, and availability of all our digital platforms by updating the necessary software and optimizing digital tools for ease of use.
  • Continuously research digital market trends and introduce new, innovative ways to promote attractions and tourism products via various social media platforms.
  • Develop and implement digital media strategies that improve brand awareness, boost engagement, and drive conversions.
  • Establish priorities and set campaign objectives, budgets, and relevant KPIs.
  • Conduct market research and competitor analysis to define realistic goals and identify more effective approaches to digital marketing efforts.
  • Run A/B tests, track campaign analytics, and translate data into actionable insights that will help optimize campaign performance and create more effective campaigns. Developing, maintaining, and improving the Ministry’s digital platforms.
  • Develop and implement new software and applications that will aid digital marketing initiatives.
  • Ensuring the utility and functionality of digital tools and tracking the progress of digital operations.
  • Optimizing digital systems for better performance.
  • Optimize SEO and analyze web traffic metrics.
  • Ensure a robust corporate and social media presence by posting engaging content on the corporate website and social media channels.
  • Research advertising trends and Decide on the appropriate placement of ads.
  • Implement email marketing campaigns and Administer Websites.
  • Promote the Ministry and its brand using Digital PR tactics and methods so as to create a unique brand identity online.
  • Plan, develop and execute digital programs and campaigns such as online advertising, email marketing, website integration, mobile and other digital deliverables. Perform other duties as requested by the supervisor or management

 Job Responsibility #2:

  • Staff Management and development Train, mentor and coach the digital marketing team so as to build their capacity.
  • Train the interns

Job Responsibility #3

  • Monitoring and Evaluation Monitor and evaluate the performance of its unit based on key performance indicators and submit proposals for improvement and implementation when approved.

Job Responsibility # 4

  • Reporting Submit monthly, quarterly and annual reports on performances Prepare ad-hoc reports as required by the Minster and other executives Prepare reports on campaign performance, behavior trends, or online traffic metrics and present them to the rest of the team and senior leadership. 

Job Requirements

  • Master’s degree in IT or Marketing, digital marketing, communication, international relations, language and literature
  • At least eight years of experience in a senior role related to digital media/digital marketing, preferably in the tourism and hospitality sector.
  • Credible experience in Digital Marketing

Values, Technical and Other Skills

  • Expertise with various digital development tools
  • Ability to multitask several projects effectively
  • Extensive knowledge of SEO practices, social media management systems, and marketing automation programs
  • Proven experience with content marketing, social media marketing, and paid advertising
  • Deep understanding of analytics and data visualization tools (such as Google Analytics and Tableau)
  • In-depth knowledge of using various social media platforms for business (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn)
  • Familiarity with content production, web design, and CMS solutions
  • Ability to manage multiple concurrent projects and deliver high-quality results 

    How to Apply

    • Interested applicants should send non-returnable C.V., application letter outlining how their experience and education fit this vacancy in the email address
    • Your application letter/cover letter must include the following information.
    • Name of the position you have applied for
    • Summary of your qualifications and experience
    • Motivation/objective of why you have applied for the job
    • Please include at least 3 references from current and former supervisors 
    • Deadline: June 09, 2023


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