IT Manager


Company: G2G IT Solutions, S.C.

Location: Addis Ababa 

Career Level: Managerial Level (Manager, Supervisor, Director)

 Employment Type: Full time 

Job Description


  • Under the immediate supervision of the Director of IT and the CTO, the IT Manager is responsible for maintaining a positive work environment for assigned teams and departments. The IT Manager works to effectively and efficiently manage assigned coordinators and their team members and resources by ensuring that IT Coordinators are assigning and coordinating day-to-day tasks, projects, support tickets and any additional tasks given by management for the purpose and success of the technical department.  The manager will expect daily reports, and updates, and track daily issue logs from Coordinators and Teams and is responsible for internal and external customer satisfaction.  The Manager is expected to
  • Analyze departmental needs by working closely with IT Coordinators, identify vulnerabilities, and boost productivity, efficiency, and accuracy to inform business decisions
  • Be customer-centric by continuously analyzing customer feedback and accessible to customers including outside normal working hours; “the customer is always right” is the motto that is expected to be instilled and unless the customer is satisfied the department has failed
  • Ensure network, server, platform and application components work together seamlessly to meet business needs, using their full range of capabilities, and stay informed about new features and competitor solutions
  • Continuously analyze processes, policies and SOPs for both team members and technical systems to find areas for improvement
  • Responsible for regular checks on network and data security
  • Identifying and acting on opportunities to improve and update software, systems, platform and full infrastructure
  • Develop and implement IT policy and best practice guides for the organization
  • Prepare cost–benefit analysis when upgrades are necessary, devices are at end-of-life and when the organization is considering new projects, ideas and business cases
  • Train employees of full department policy, systems, processes, SOPs and the importance of putting the customer first
  • Develop and execute disaster planning and maintain data backups
  • Act as a Point of Escalation
  • Continuously evaluate the need for growth
  • Manage IT Coordinators and their teams (System Admin, Network Engineers, Provisioning and Implementation, Architects, etc.) and their performance
  • Identify problematic areas and implement strategic solutions in time
  • Ensure that team documentation is always current and up to date
  • Ensure Team Training, Coaching, and Education is available and regularly scheduled
  • Managing and reporting on allocation of IT budget
  • Act for IT Coordinators when not in place
  • Perform any other task assigned by the Manager
  • The following five areas are critical to the organization and IT Manager is expected to manage to near perfection by hiring and recruiting the right team members. The IT Manager will have the authority to hire, reward and fire in order to fulfill this objective
  • Support (VISP, Managed Services, Internal Systems, Call Center)
  • Ensure all tasks and activities are created and tracked within the company support ticketing system
  • Monitor and track performance of individually assigned teams and resources on the company ticketing system to ensure that all break/ fix and trouble tickets handled and resolved
  • Oversee the coordination of assign technical resources for issues, implementation, new projects for VISP Services, Managed Services, Internal Systems and others by the IT Coordinator
  • Oversee the supervision of company Call Center ensuring adequate resources, customer accessibility to support line(s), uptime, and respectful communication etiquette and customer service under the purview of the IT Coordinator
  • Controls Support Team performance including call and social media records (i.e. Telegram, etc.)
  • Projects (Provisioning, Implementation, Installation, others)
  • Ensure proper coordination of provisioning, implementation and installation projects under the IT Coordinator
  • Ensure tasks are on time, on schedule and on budget
  • Manage and review outcome from site survey, analysis, design preparation and any other activity for service order preparation
  • Evaluate survey results and work with immediate IT Coordinator to finalize BoQ, LLD, HLD and other needed information for the finalization of service order Sales department
  • Review items prepared by Sales Department as it relates to survey for confirmation
  • Follows-up with IT Coordinator, team members and outsourced resources and assigns projects and tasks as needed

 Staff Coordination

  • Responsible for hours worked and time of department (full/part-time), interns and outsourced resources (as it relates to tasks)
  • Will ensure IT Coordinator time punch in/outs are recorded daily
  • Will provide staff information including but not limited to hours worked, employee leave and other related items to Human Resources as requested

Asset and Materials

  • Manages the knowledge of inventory control for the purpose of ensuring that necessary equipment and replacement parts are always on hand
  • Manages the coordination of team equipment and materials ensuring responsibility and assigning liability to IT Coordinator
  • Will work with the finance department to request materials needed and request order for projects and site as needed
  • Manager proper asset recovery of replaced items are followed
  • Manage proper asset deployment is followed by team

Audit and Review

  • Works with management and other departments to implement a successful team plan and policy
  • Advise management with the goal of making the appropriate IT or business decisions and choices
  • Provide weekly progress report especially focused on ticketing system and support related issues
  • Constantly audits work load for recommendation of new hires and performance review
  • In addition, the IT will demonstrate the ability to perform in a leadership role with professionalism, courtesy and fairness. This individual is expected to perform any other task as assigned by management. Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work with technical and non-technical personnel is expected.

Job Requirements

  • 10+ Years working experience in IT sector (customer facing)
  • 5+ Years IT Management and successfully leading team
  • Expertise in either Server or Network Infrastructure
  • Related Certifications (i.e. CCNA, CCNP, etc.)
  • Proven track record of successful completion of large projects 2M+
  • Excellent communication skills in both English and Amharic

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