Terms of Reference (ToR) GIS and Modeling Technical Assistant on Spatial Planning Development


Company: Ministry of Planning & Development

Location: Addis Ababa 

Job Description


Ethiopia has started to adopt an integrated development planning approach since the beginning of 1948s. In the early 1940s, separate development plans were prepared and implemented for key economic sectors such as agriculture and forestry, industrial development, transport and communication, education, water resource development, and other related sectors. Since then, several long, medium- and short-term plans have been formulated and implemented. 

Now a ten-year development plan (2020/21-2029/30) with a broader goal of making Ethiopia an African Beacon of Prosperity is under implementation after conducting intensive background studies on key sectors. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Need Assessment was also conducted to fully integrate and implement these global goals within the development plan framework. Vertical integration and Horizontal coherence have also been ensured while formulating the plan. On top of that, extensive public consultations have been held to ensure that the development plan reflects the consensus and needs as well as ensures the commitment and participation of all citizens.

The effective and full implementation of the ten years’ development plan and its successive development Plan requires strong institution with scientific based spatial planning and modelling considering a robust current method. Accordingly, MoPD has identified the need to build the capacity of the newly established works related to the spatial planning in various sectors to build professional and institutional capacity in the areas of spatial planning, support develop spatial planning documents. This Terms of Reference (ToR) is therefore prepared to recruit senior technical advisor who can assist the Ministry of Planning and Development (MoPD) in the area spatial planning, GIS and Modelling.

General Objectives of the TA

The overall objective of hiring the technical advisor is to compile international based evidences on the current spatial planning development supported with modeling and GIS on various economic based activities. Moreover, to support the spatial planning Development Strategic Framework in Ethiopia, contribute the preparation of national planning schemes to diagnose the current status of development sectors in Ethiopia and cogently define the vision and objectives for spatial development, and translate them into an executable document that could be monitored and evaluated.

The following specific objectives of the TA to be delivered: 

  • Review the experience other countries in the development of the spatial planning development supported with GIS and mapping software. 
  • Deliver training on the development of spatial development planning incorporated with the robust methods, statistics and modeling using high dimensional datasets. 
  • Support data collection and analysis, and give inputs in various publications and relevant documents;
  • prepare strong outlook that will help analysing the spatial dataset patterns and trends through spatial mapping of data; 
  • Creating "shapefiles" to merge topographical data with external data by layering external data over a topographical map; 
  • Producing maps showing the spatial distribution of various kinds of data, including urban development and urban expansion;  
  • Developing mapping applications and tools, and generate quality reports on geographic data utilizing data visualizations via the latex; 
  • Development a strong database for data management and knowledge depositor; 
  • Deliver training on GeoDa, GIS, R and spatial analysis; 
  • Assess GIS landscape and identify data gaps and strengths in the existing mapping and analysis.
  • Recommend for database design, hardware infrastructure, management, maintenance, data security and levels of access, and data standards.

Scope of the Assignment

  • The main purpose of the senior TA is to work closely with the MoPD team under the supervision of the MoPD management. The TA is also expected to undertake several assignments on area of spatial Planning, GIS and Modelling which includes assessing relevant skills, knowledge and capacities of MoPD, reviewing different relevant documents, documenting the experiences of other countries, and identifying and analyzing major capacity gaps which should be addressed by developing capacity building, training and institutional transformation program. The senior TA is also expected to work on other areas relevant and pertinent for effectively delivering the mandates of MoPD. 

Major Duties and Deliverables of the TA

  • Support MoPD in developing its three-year Development plan taking into spatial planning development mandates and responsibilities including modelling and GIS; prepare a baseline document related to the spatial planning development and coordination guideline. 
  • Assist in updating the draft spatial development planning guideline on the institutional arrangement for an effective coordination and partnership contributing to transparent information flow, data sharing, financial responsibilities.  
  • Define internal coordination required (in spatial data management, and planning strategy strongly supported with R and GIS incorporating both the national and international dataset, and other MoPD’s Departments role and responsibilities) to account the issues of spatial planning in the broad based Ethiopian long term strategic plan;  
  • Support MoPD in cascading/institutionalizing and strengthening of the national spatial planning development supporting with GIS and modeling. 
  • Preparing materials and guidelines supported with the international experiences; 

Capacity Building

  • Design, develop and deliver capacity development interventions support at MoPD aligned with the organization’s strategic plan. Based on training need analysis that will be conducted in consultation with modelling, poverty and spatial planning team to improve the capacity of the staff, develop capacity building plan, raise and mobilize resources required to deliver training and other capacity building interventions as planned.
  • Evaluate impacts of capacity development interventions/programs and ensure successive capacity building and technical support to MoPD are aligned and contribute to delivering on organization mandate and are aligned with the organization’s strategic plan; 
  • Delivering the intensive training in the areas of spatial data management, and spatial analysis supporting with the big data (high dimensional images); 

Knowledge Management 

  • Support the development of spatial planning development supported with GIS and modelling communications strategy in consultation with the MoPD team to draw and deliver a scientific based inference; 
  • Promote the use and improvement of knowledge management mechanisms to share information about spatial planning development and related initiatives;
  • Coordinate arrangements for the publication of country reports, including desktop publishing, editing, printing, and dissemination; 
  • Draft briefing/meeting materials and related documents (as needed) in performing the tasks outlined above;
  • Provide inputs to the preparation of presentations, advisory and briefing notes, as needed; 

Other Tasks 

  • Produce and submit own quarterly plan and progress reports and submit to the Ministry of planning and development for feedback and approval; 
  • Contribute to planning and reporting functions in support of the broader institutional mandates based on the spatial planning; 
  • Support MoPD in design and management of Consultancy assignments and ensuring quality deliverables agreed; 
  • Guiding Principles and Values 
  • The TA will work at the MoPD on full time basis. Hence, he/she should respect the following principles and values. 
  • Plan ahead of time
  • Quality delivery without compromising deadlines 
  • Knowledge and skills sharing by promoting teamwork 
  • Promote professionalism 
  • Respect office hours and rules and laws of the MoPD and the country
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Duty Station: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Ministry of Planning and Development (MoPD)

Job Requirements

Qualification and Experience of the Technical Advisor 

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD in spatial/urban development and statistics with strong background of computer science. 
  • At least the candidate needs to show the experience of working an international consultancy in the similar aspects. 
  • Need to support the certificates of delivering short- and long-term trainings in the areas of research related to spatial, modeling and GIS. 
  • Having strong background on building data management and database; 


  • At least three years of practical experience in the field of spatial based analysis and modelling and building a strong database in Ethiopia. 
  • Track record of experiences in working and dealing with government institutions, departments and high-level officials.
  • Experience working in a variety of donor funded programs or projects in international settings, preferably within international organizations.
  • Experience in conducting needs and institutional assessments, in developing policies, formal strategies and strategic plans.
  • Prior experience in economic analysis/advisory or using GIS technology to inform economic policy an asset.
  • Excellent team building skills and group facilitation skills, communications, information sharing and cultural sensitivity;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, including reporting using Latex;

Skills and Competencies: 

  • Demonstrated integrity, accountability and respect for diversity.
  • Supporting a national spatial development planning of Ethiopia's incorporating with a various climate and environmental factors so as to account the spatial development in the current Ethiopian development; 
  • Knowledge of national platforms for facilitating exchange of knowledge and experiences; 
  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal and motivational skills and the ability to work effectively within and across teams; 
  • High profile in the areas of various packages and engaged in international conferences mainly in preparing outlooks; 
  • Having a promising profile in the areas of GIS, modelling and spatial analysis
  • High motivation, strong analytical and conceptual skills as well as a good understanding of spatial data management. 

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